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CAPRI communitywide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

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Welcome to the CAPRI web site.

CAPRI (Critical Assessment of PRedicted Interactions) is a community wide initiative for testing computational algorithms in blind predictions of experimentally determined 3D structures of protein complexes, the “targets”, provided to CAPRI prior to publication.

This site is intended to give you general news about CAPRI and for facilitating the sharing of software and useful tools related to CAPRI.


The CASP15-CAPRI assembly prediction season 2022 (CAPRI Round 54) ended as of August 19, 2022, with a total of 38 assembly target, the largest number of targets so far.

These targets include X-ray and high-resolution cryo-EM structures, of which 22 are dimers (12 homodimers and 10 heterodimers) and 16 are higher-order assemblies of at least 3 subunits. This category of targets comprises 9 homo- and 7 hetero-oligomers.

The evaluation of the models submitted for these targets by participating preditor and scorer groups is ongoing, with results to be presented at the CASP15 meeting in Antalya, Turkey, December 10-13, 2011. You can register to the CASP15 meeting (including the CASP15-CAPRI assembly prediction session) visit on the CASP15 site.

CAPRI COVID-19 Open Science Initiative

The CAPRI community is mobilizing its resources and expertise to model the 3D structures and interaction interfaces of SARS-COV-2 - human protein complexes and larger assemblies (homo- or hetero-complexes) starting from experimentally determined structures (by x-ray diffraction or cryo-EM), or from predicted structure, of the individual components.

An important focus of our initiative is to prioritize relevant COVID-19 complexes that will be offered as target for community-wide CAPRI prediction Rounds. These prediction Rounds will be run as a collaborative undertaking where data, analyses and results will be closely integrated and widely shared, hopefully moving COVID-19 science fast forward.

Whenever possible our initiative will leverage COVID-19 efforts of CASP (CASPcommons), the SIB/Modeller and the MolSSI/BioExcel COVID initiative on predicting the 3D structure of individual proteins and collecting information about those. We intend to use as much as possible existing high-quality models or structures to predict the association modes of these proteins.

The CAPRI community remains eager to continue to improve and test their modeling tools by taking on increasingly challenging prediction problems. In the spirit of open science we hence call upon structural biologists working on COVID-19 related protein complexes to offer these complexes as targets for CAPRI prediction Rounds prior to publication (for details how this is done see contributing targets.)

If you are interested in joining our initiative or exploring a collaboration, please contact us at: capri.docking@gmail.com

The 7th CAPRI evaluation meeting took place at the EMBL/EBI in Hinxton, UK, April 3-5

More info about this meeting can be found under events and a blog is available here.

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