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CAPRI communitywide experiment on the comparative evaluation of protein-protein docking for structure prediction

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8th CAPRI evaluation meeting, Grenoble, France, 2023

The 8th CAPRI evaluation meeting took place in Grenoble, February 14-16 2023, following the Integrative Computational Biology workshop and 8th CAPRI assessment meeting.

The Integrative Computational Biology workshop aimed at gathering structural biologists studying challenging systems and mathematicians and computer scientists who might have ideas on how to model proteins’ behavior, predict their biophysical properties, and analyze experimental data. One of the goal was to present the current state-of-the-art in different branches of structural biology and discuss the need for new algorithms with the modeling community. It was followed by the 8th CAPRI evaluation meeting starting in the afternoon of February 14th.

For the programme with a detailed list of contributions (and abstracts), please refer to

The contributions to the CAPRI evaluation meeting can be found here.

7th CAPRI evaluation meeting, EBI Hinxton, UK, 2019

The information about the 7th CAPRI evaluation meeting can be found here